Ciampino "G.B. Pastine"

Rome - Italy






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The activities involved the design and construction of the airport’s new terminal for private flights. The building consists of two pre-existing buildings from different eras, a reinforced concrete building from the 1950s and another from prefabricated steel from the 1990s. BIMON was in charge of the detailed and full detailed multidisciplinary design, using BIM methodology, and of the 3D project coordination.


Project Background

BIMON was responsible for the preparation of the BIM model of the State of the Fact, based on the provided laserscanner survey, and the multidisciplinary BIM design of the new Terminal. Multidisciplinary coordination and intervention planning, clash detection, quantity take-off, 4D and 5D simulations were also carried out.


The Ciampino General Aviation terminal was built in the late 1950s and underwent expansion following the Italy ’90 World Cup. The 2016 redevelopment includes a totally renovated internal layout, with new commercial spaces, a VIP lounge and handler rooms. The project covers a gross floor area of about 1,800 square meters. The building consists of two presences from different eras, a reinforced concrete building from the 1950s and another made of precast steel from the 1990s.



BIM Modeling

Starting from the survey of the existing state, the BIM model of the existing building was generated, in which the demolition and reconstruction steps were defined according to the new project layout.

Creation of phases regarding the various disciplines.

Management of deliverables (demolition-design-comparative) in a single model.

Interference Management

Integration of all models into one aggregate model for interference management.

Design Assistance

Design assistance from the preliminary stages to As-Built.

Document Extrapolation

From the BIM model, all the technical drawings of the final design and, subsequently, the executive design necessary for the construction of the work were extrapolated.




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