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Rome-Fiumicino “Leonardo Da Vinci” airport consists of several terminals and a commercial forecourt of about 46,000 sqm consists of eight boarding rooms, dedicated to departing flights and two levels for passenger support activities. BIMON supported the activities for the construction of the commercial forepart and subsequently the survey and digitization of large areas of the airport, along with BIM Management activities and BIM models validation.


Project Background

BIMON was in charge of the BIM development and coordination of the multidisciplinary project of the Avancorpo. To date, she is in charge of surveying, digitization, and BIM process management in Airport-related projects through existing framework agreements with Aeroporti Di Roma.


Rome-Fiumicino International Airport “Leonardo da Vinci” is an intercontinental airport located in the territory of the municipality of Fiumicino, about 30 km west of the city center of Rome. With 29.3 million passengers in the year 2022, it is Italy’s leading airport in terms of passenger numbers, and with over 140,000 tons of cargo, it is Italy’s second largest airport in terms of cargo traffic.

During 2009 the cogeneration plant was completed, which has since enabled the airport to be self-sufficient through the production of renewable energy with a view to environmental protection.

In 2016, “Boarding Area E” was inaugurated, whose total area is about 90,000 m² and consists of two structures. The first building is an extension forepart of Terminal 3, containing a large shopping arcade and also equipped with 8 boarding gates on the ground floor. The second building is a dedicated Flight Pier, equipped with 14 passenger boarding and disembarkation gates, as well as baggage handling and sorting systems.

On the other hand, the new boarding area A in Terminal T1 was inaugurated on May 18, 2022. The work covers an area of 37,000 m² on three levels and cost 400 million euros. Area A added 23 new gates to the airport, for an estimated increase in passengers of about 6 million a year.

Fiumicino Airport currently covers a gross area of about 40,000 square meters and consists of eight boarding lounges, dedicated to flights, and two levels for passenger service activities (VIP lounges, catering and commercial activities).

Through a steel walkway it is connected to the new Pier C, dedicated to boarding operations.


Aeroporto Di Roma


Jeroen Doorman


Roma Megalopolis




Construction Simulation

We used the BIM model to simulate the construction of the work before it was actually built. In this way, we identified and solved all issues in advance, avoiding unforeseen problems on the construction site. 

Coordinated BIM Models

We ensured the perfect match and coordination between the architectural and structural models in order to proceed with the construction without any unforeseen issues. From the coordinated BIM models, we generated all the drawings needed for construction, completely in the BIM environment.




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