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The project concerns the construction of the new Mexico City Airport, specifically the Intermodal Territorial Interconnection Center (CITT) of about 350.000 sqm. BIMON was responsible for the creation of the digital model of the project and the study and simulation of the possible ways of construction in relation to time and cost of intervention.


Project Background

BIMON was responsible for drafting the multidisciplinary BIM model (architecture, structures, facilities) at the tender stage, identifying and resolving multidisciplinary interferences, and studying the implementation phases and 4D/5D simulations


British architect Norman Foster and Mexican architect Fernando Romero have been awarded the project to expand Mexico City Airport. Mexico City Airport will be built near the existing Benito Juarez compared to which it will quadruple traffic volumes and capacity: the 32 million annual passengers will become 120 million.


The new facility, which will be X-shaped in order to recall the wings of the eagle that stands out on the Mexican flag, will cover an area of 555,000 square meters. It will be one of the largest airports in the world. And above all, the most sustainable.


Indeed, smart mobility and energy efficiency will be the hallmarks of the new facility: less material and energy will be used for the project than a traditional agglomeration of buildings. Mexico City Airport is designed so that passengers will have to travel the shortest possible distances without using tunnels or internal transportation to connect to the various points of the facility. 


Work on the new airport will begin in 2015 and end in 2050. However, as early as 2020 the airport will be able to handle more than 50 million passengers a year, with three of the final six runways already in operation.


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Quantity verification

The BIM method was used by the company to verify all the quantities stipulated in the tender calculation and to study the construction of the work in detail.

Time and cost simulations

Using time and economic simulations, it was possible to optimize the solutions proposed in the bidding process.


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