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The asset digital twin enables remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimization of asset performance throughout its lifecycle. By analyzing data from sensors embedded in the asset, it can detect anomalies, predict failures, and recommend maintenance actions, improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime. The asset digital twin serves as a valuable tool for asset and portfolio management, decision-making, and enhancing overall productivity.


Data and Analytics

Interactive navigation and querying of available data and for the creation of new data, useful for monitoring the performance of an Asset against architectural, environmental, urban planning and energy targets.

Our Solutions

Data Visualization

We deal with data extraction and visualization and creation of organized datasets based on job requirements.
  • BoQ
  • Custom Data Extraction
  • Dashboard Data Navigation
  • Dashboard Model Navigation

Data Analysis

We perform data analysis and monitoring activities to support strategic choices based on customer needs

  • Dashboard Data Analysis
  • Dashboard Data Analysis & Model Navigation

Case Study

MIND Innovation District

Milan - Italy

The transformation path started in 2017 will be completed with the creation of an urban innovation district that is unique in Europe. Data visualization and analysis were applied for…


Asset Digitalization

Asset digitization is the process of transforming physical assets into digital assets, enabling digital asset management and optimization. Through data collection, digital modeling, and advanced analytics, asset digitalization we provide a comprehensive, real-time view of asset performance.

Our Solutions

BIM Modeling

We deal with BIM modeling in the Design & Planning phase.

  • Clash free Modeling
  • Design
  • Generative Design (ML&AI)
  • Scan to BIM

BIM Validation

We manage activities of Verification and Validation of BIM Models in Design & Planning phase.

  • Validation Reports and Dashboards
  • Verification and validation of BIM Models
  • Verification and validation of documentation

O&M Digital Twin

We create Digital Twins aimed at Operation & Maintenance.

  • Energy AI
  • Maintainance AI

Case Study

Digital Twin Prato Hospital

Prato - Italy

The Prato hospital is part of the “Tuscan Hospitals” system built by Pizzarotti and under his management for the next 25 years. BIMON created the digital model of the hospital and…


BIM Automation

We think and design ad-hoc tools ready-to-use, based on customer specific standards and requirements. Solutions that can reduce manual and repetitive actions to manage a large amount of data and objects and improve business quality related to digital transformation processes.

Our Solutions

Informative Automation

We create custom tools (scripts/plugins) related to the automation of model enhancement in the BIM environment.

  • Data Extraction
  • Informative Automation
  • Transform Data

Modeling Automation

We create custom tools (scripts/plugins) related to modeling automation in the BIM environment.

  • Model Checking
  • Model Cleaning
  • Modeling Automation
  • Views & Sheets

Case Study

King Faisal Air Academy

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

The project involves the design and construction of a new military city consisting of 109 buildings including residences, mosques, barracks, etc. BIMON was contracted to provide solutions that can automate…




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