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We are a Company that operates as a leader in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Twin solutions in order to disrupt and innovate the Architecture & Construction industry.

Company Overview

We are a Company that operates as a leader in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Twin solutions in order to disrupt and innovate the Architecture & Construction industry. Our goal is to help owners, contractors, architects, designers & engineers creating more efficient and sustainable building life-cycles, minimizing errors, time and costs.


Combining AI and cloud platforms, BIM enables to integrate multidisciplinary structured data to create a digital representation of an asset throughout its life cycle, from planning, design, construction and commissioning.


With +200 projects worldwide in just 5 years we were born digital and we want to grow consistently.

2015 - 2016

BIMON was founded in June 2015 and began working on major italian projects.

2017 - 2018

Internatinal market consolidation in Turkey, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


Focus on Property and Investors with new data-driven services.


Consolidating position in the digitalization and data analysis market.

Building Innovation

Digital Innovations of the Construction Process


We create digital assets of buildings and infrastructure and use data to improve the way they are designed, built and operated.


We imagine a future where data is accessible and usable by everyone, to improve the experience in the spaces in which we live and work.


We believe that growth is a never-ending process, pushing us to learn new things every day. Creativity and collaboration for us are the key to achieve great things.

BIMON's Journey

Over the years, the challenge of actively participating in large international contracts has enabled BIMON to make a leap in scale: organizational, procedural, and know-how. On the strength of its established experience, today in BIMON we are dedicated to provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers using BIM and Digital Twin technologies and developing AI solutions.


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Company Overview

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Executive Team




Massimo Mele

BIM Expert

Engineer-architect and BIM enthusiast since 2015. Always attentive to innovation in the field of design with a passion for interior architecture and graphics. As a basketball player, I believe in the power of teamwork and work daily to keep it united.

Alessandro Guarnuto

CDE Manager

IT consultant, he joined BIMON in 2018, focusing on designing ad-hoc solutions for process optimization in the AEC industry. Currently, he holds the position of CDE Manager and enjoys engaging with people due to his outgoing nature.

Serena Rundo

AEC Data Expert

Construction engineer with Master’s degree in BIM Management, today she works in BIMON as an AEC Data Expert, defining strategies for data management and enhancement. In her spare time she devotes herself to studying her piano.

Valentina Liguori

Project Manager

After graduating in architecture, he specialized in BIM in 2017. She joined the BIMON team in 2022 where she is in charge of digitized process management and coordination of national and international projects. 

Andrea Nicosia Vinci

VDC Manager

Father of two, martial artist, musician, plant-based. My goal will always be to lead a group of people to achieve a common purpose with serenity and fulfillment for the individual. Innovation, Competence and Team are the pillars that create my personal vision.


Michele Cavallaccio

Project Manager

Graduate in Building Process Management has been working with BIMON since 2015 addressing international challenges in many sectors. When he is not designing he practices Spartan Race simulations and enjoys rhyming poetry.

Giacomo Muratori

General Manager

Front-line manager with extensive experience in consulting and as marketing and sales manager for large clients in national and international projects. He is an active practitioner of ski mountaineering, mountain trekking and soccer.

Riccardo Pagani


Architect with masters in Digital Philosophy and Digital Twin, he founded BIMON in 2015, the first BIM consulting firm in Italy. An expert in digital implementation in AEC, in his spare time he likes to go out with Axel (his dog).

Riccardo Pagani


Environmental, social and governance goals are objectives set to help organizations effectively manage their impact on society and the environment by defining the vision,


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