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The digital twin enables real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization of project progress, helping stakeholders make informed decisions and optimize resources. By integrating data from various sources, such as sensors and IoT devices, the digital twin improves project efficiency, time and cost control. It fosters communication and coordination among project teams, resulting in improved construction results and reduced costs.


Data and Analytics

Automated data extraction and visualization during Construction. We provide reliable outputs through a controlled process ensuring interactive navigation of information, supporting strategic site choices.

Our Solutions

Data Visualization

We deal with data extraction and visualization and creation of organized datasets based on job requirements.
  • BoQ
  • Custom Data Extraction
  • Dashboard Data Navigation
  • Dashboard Model Navigation

Data Analysis

We perform data analysis and monitoring activities to support strategic choices based on customer needs

  • Dashboard Data Analysis
  • Dashboard Data Analysis & Model Navigation

Case Study

Villa Serena

Rome - Italy

Villa Serena is a historic Roman villa in the center of Rome. The villa consists of 4 levels plus a basement level with a private pool and spa. Data visualization and analysis were applied for…


Digital Construction

Digitization in the construction industry has many facets: it involves digital tools, process automation and digital project communication. Thanks to time simulations we can improve the subsequent construction process and enable optimization of construction site time and costs.

Our Solutions

BIM Management

We offer consulting focused on BIM management activities.

  • BIM Management
  • Implementation

BIM Modeling

We deal with BIM modeling in the Design & Planning phase.

  • Clash free Modeling
  • Design
  • Generative Design (ML&AI)
  • Scan to BIM

BIM Validation

We manage activities of Verification and Validation of BIM Models in Design & Planning phase.

  • Validation Reports and Dashboards
  • Verification and validation of BIM Models
  • Verification and validation of documentation

CDE Management

We offer consulting focused on Common Data Environment Management.

  • CDE Management

Digital Twin

We Create Digital Twins of the Construction Site.

  • Construction AI
  • Safety AI


We carry out monitoring activities based on construction site needs.

  • AI for scanning
  • Construction scanning

Project BIM

We offer consulting focused on Project Management in the BIM environment.

  • Project BIM Management


We create digital simulations based on job order requirements.

  • Virtual Control Rooms

Case Study

WTE Trigeneration Plant

Trieste - Italy

Thanks to the innovative approach of Heratech and their Time Simulations, we successfully optimized the construction activities on the WTE Trieste project, ensuring …


BIM Automation

We believe that BIM automation integration is the key to working efficiently in the AEC industry. We work together with our clients to optimize processes and increase the quality of projects. The implementation of BIM automation and scripting tools improves project outputs by providing reliable solutions through a controlled process with maximum accuracy and ensuring error reduction.

Our Solutions

Informative Automation

We create custom tools (scripts/plugins) related to the automation of model enhancement in the BIM environment.

  • Data Extraction
  • Informative Automation
  • Transform Data

Modeling Automation

We create custom tools (scripts/plugins) related to modeling automation in the BIM environment.

  • Model Checking
  • Model Cleaning
  • Modeling Automation
  • Views & Sheets

Case Study

Maximall Pompeii

Torre Annunziata - Italy

The Maximall Pompeii is one of the largest shopping malls in central Italy and covers an area of about 250.000 sqm including mall, auditorium and hotel. BIMON was commissioned to optimize…




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