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We make design and planning immediate.
Design Data made simple and communicable to all stakeholders.

In design and planning phase, we harness the power of artificial intelligence to make processes faster and more efficient. Automation tools enable significant reductions in time and effort, improving accuracy and minimizing human error while providing a higher level of precision. Automation, with its continuing advances, promises to transform the way we design and plan for the future.


Data and Analytics

Automated extraction and visualization of design data organized based on job requirements. We provide reliable outputs through a controlled process by ensuring interactive and intuitive navigation of information content.

Our Solutions

Data Visualization

We deal with data extraction and visualization and creation of organized datasets based on job requirements.
  • BoQ
  • Custom Data Extraction
  • Dashboard Data Navigation
  • Dashboard Model Navigation

Data Analysis

We perform data analysis and monitoring activities to support strategic choices based on customer needs

  • Dashboard Data Analysis
  • Dashboard Data Analysis & Model Navigation

Case Study

Mexico City Airport

Mexico City - Mexico

The project concerns the construction of the new Mexico City Airport, specifically the Intermodal Territorial Interconnection Center (CITT) of about 350.000 sqm.


Digital Engineering

Innovative approach to building design and management that leverages advanced digital technologies. This makes it possible to create detailed building models, optimize the design and construction process, improve collaboration among different project stakeholders, and ensure efficient and sustainable management of the entire building life cycle.

Our Solutions

BIM Management

We offer consulting focused on BIM management activities.

  • BIM Management
  • Implementation

BIM Modeling

We deal with BIM modeling in the Design & Planning phase.

  • Clash free Modeling
  • Design
  • Generative Design (ML&AI)
  • Scan to BIM

BIM Validation

We manage activities of Verification and Validation of BIM Models in Design & Planning phase.

  • Validation Reports and Dashboards
  • Verification and validation of BIM Models
  • Verification and validation of documentation


We offer consulting focused on Common Data Environment Management.

  • CDE Management

Data Driven Implementation

We offer consulting for enterprise and contract implementations using Data Driven tools.

  • Data Driven Implementation

Project BIM

We offer consulting focused on Project Management in the BIM environment.

  • Project BIM Management


We create digital simulations based on job order requirements.

  • Virtual Control Rooms

Case Study

CERN Science Gateway

Geneva - Switzerland

At 7,000 square meters, the distinctive Science Gateway building will offer a variety of spaces and activities. Leveraging advanced digital technologies and with an innovative approach to design and management BIMON was responsible for…


BIM Automation

We design custom tools to improve and automate the modeling process within the Building Information Modeling (BIM) framework. Leveraging the potential of BIM software, we integrate custom solutions into the existing software, therefore streamlining operations when it does not offer ready-to-use tools to solve a specific problem.

Our Solutions

Informative Automation

We create custom tools (scripts/plugins) related to the automation of model enhancement in the BIM environment.

  • Data Extraction
  • Informative Automation
  • Transform Data

Modeling Automation

We create custom tools (scripts/plugins) related to modeling automation in the BIM environment.

  • Model Checking
  • Model Cleaning
  • Modeling Automation
  • Views & Sheets

Case Study

Chorus Life

Bergamo, Italy

The Chorus Life project is an innovative smart city that redevelops a 150.000 sqm abandoned area. 




Riccardo Pagani


Environmental, social and governance goals are objectives set to help organizations effectively manage their impact on society and the environment by defining the vision,


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