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Do you need BIM in your work?

The construction world and the reference regulations have changed. If you need consulting, training or professional updating to implement BIM in your projects, call BIMon, a leading company in Building Information Modeling. We will help you learn about BIM and integrate it into your work.

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    Formazione, Cantierizzazione, Modellazione, Computational Design, Scan-to-BIM, BIM-to-FM, Consulenza legale, BIM Management

    BIMon can help you

    Adequate to new market demands and become internationally competitive! Our facility provides 360 degree BIM services and can be supported in every field of engineering and architecture. BIM allows you to work in an integrated way, drastically reducing design time, construction costs and optimizing the management of completed works.

    Why do BIM training?

    BIM is becoming increasingly important in engineering and architecture companies and more than 55% of Italian companies are investing in the BIM training sector. If you don’t want to stay behind and want to update your professional skills, invest in our training. Forming is a strategic step for your future.

    Discover BIMon

    Our highly specialized multidisciplinary team will guide you in the transition to BIM. Thanks to the experience of our professionals we will provide services and guidance to implement the BIM in your project and best meet the demands of your customers.