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Facility Management done with Revit and with dedicated plug-ins, gives the possibility to manage the existing building in a easier way, faster and more efficient. It gives the ability to have metric calculations precise, effective and up to date. All documentation relating to the building will be fully engaged in the project template. It will also be possible to easily make numerous estimates of future interventions to better assess such maintenance carried out and their actual convenience

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BIM Management for a Mall

Matteo Simione
Management, Workflow

In this article I’m going to present our BIM management  for a shopping center of over 50 thousands square meters. The most important thing about this experience is the application of Building Information Modeling that has allowed us to increase the quality of the project and reduce time and costs.

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BIM management of real estate assets

Riccardo Pagani
Management, News

When BIM is really an advantage on real estate assets? A concrete BIM management in the world of building restoration and renovations can be really made? BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a unique three-dimensional model that contains all the information related to a building and its components, from the 3D design phase, to temporal parameters (4D), cost (5D) and management (6D). From a BIM model all the necessary documentation

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