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Il workflow BIM di Revit dà la possibilità di massimizzare il processo di ottimizzazione dei costi di progettazione e realizzazione di un edificio. Con un flusso di lavoro BIM modellato in Revit, non ci saranno più interferenze tra i diversi elaborati e sarà subito possibile vedere i vantaggi economici dell’implementazione BIM

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Digitization&BIM: the balance of the conference of May 22

Virginia Creazzola
Events, News, Workflow

Last Tuesday, at the Order of Architects of Rome, there was the “Digitization&BIM” conference to talk about the digital revolution and its direct consequences on the building and construction market.

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BIM steel modeling, large span structures

Gabriele Lantini
Revit, Workflow

A major problem related to Revit Structure in the last years is the BIM steel modeling of structural elements to a level of development “LOD 400” (BIM Forum – LOD).

The work was related to the management of the BIM steel modeling for the structures for a new high-speed train station, based on structural drawings already designed and verified by the structural engineering company.

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BIM Management for a Mall

Matteo Simione
Management, Workflow

In this article I’m going to present our BIM management  for a shopping center of over 50 thousands square meters. The most important thing about this experience is the application of Building Information Modeling that has allowed us to increase the quality of the project and reduce time and costs.

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