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Overview on Clash detection

Guido Massantini

Clash detection is one of the most important phases in the BIM workflow. Offers the possibility to check the interferences between two or more worksets.
In big projects various disciplines are always demanded to different firms, which will manage only the Architectural, Structural or MEP part of the project. The Construction BIM Manager has the mission to check, coordinate and solve clashes, in order to let the firms work in a codified and fluent way. With his strategies, experience with BIM softwares and know how, he will create a digital construction site. Thus, all clashes will be found and discussed even before the construction site starts.
Clashes are generally divided in three large groups: hard clash, soft clash and workflow clash (4D).
We have a hard clash when two or more objects are overlapping. Water pipes are geneally colliding with HVAC pipes and structures with the sprinkler system.

Hard clash 2

Soft clashes (also know as Clearence clashes) are characterized by an incorrect proximity between two objects. In the event that a pipe overheats, it must be properly spaced to avoid damages to adjacent elements.

Soft clash

Finally, workflow clashes are interferences which take place during construction. They are the most underrated type of clash and very likely the most expensive and difficult to solve.

BIMon team is specialized in solving all these kinds of clashes, supporting you and your team during the whole process, letting you deliver your projects in the fastest, cheapest and best way possible. Here’s an example where we created a digital construction site and implemented the clash detection. This allowed the contractor to know the exact final cost and delivery date in advance, without any unexpected problem.

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