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Why participate in the Digital&BIM 2018?

Riccardo Pagani
Events, News, Revit

After the positive closing of the first edition of the Digital&BIM Italy, the first national event aimed at tackling the issues related to the digitization of the construction sector, this year the second meeting will start again at the SAIE of Bologna on 17-19 October.

The aim is to allow meetings between specialized professionals in the sector, to follow seminars and workshops on the theme of “digital” and to experience innovative tools and software, exploring the methodologies of the future and deepening the themes of information modeling.

This year, at the event, we decided to explain to professionals why they should participate, highlighting how professions related to the digital world are not only an added value in the labour market, but also a chance for companies to emerge in a landscape competitive and increasingly crowded.

To understand the reasons why professionals should at least approach such a significant event, first let’s start with the numbers. If last year Digital&BIM counted more than 4,000 visitors, over 100 exhibiting companies involved and 7 arenas – with around 250 speakers, this year the forecasts are even more promising.

In fact, Digital&BIM, representing only one of the many thematic routes within the SAIE, offers the possibility not only of networking and discussing issues related to innovation with professionals active in the digital world, but also to meet representatives of the top companies of the market, deepen specific topics through conferences and seminars and learn about the excellence between designers, entrepreneurs and startups who have decided to invest in the most advanced technologies.

Participating in the Digital&BIM and consequently in the SAIE can be an important opportunity to meet new business partners and do business. And that’s not all. Who will take part in this year’s event will have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of Building Information Modeling, as a key tool for Public and Private Demand/Offer, and as a transversal methodology to meet the growing needs related to our real estate assets and the interaction of the inhabitants with the latter.

Interconnected people, intelligent machines, Big Data management, Internet of Things are just some of the topics that will be dealt with during conferences, digital talk labs, BIM laboratories and thematic arenas. Speakers from the “digital” world will entertain their viewers also talking about energy and seismic requalification, computational design, artificial intelligence and building site 4.0.

A large space will then be dedicated to experimentation. Some companies selected by the SAIE will offer visitors a real “experience“, providing their guests with tools and devices related to the topics of design, construction, maintenance and safety (both seismic and structural).

The most virtuous, among companies and professionals of the “digital”, will also be able to field their skills and participate in the BIM&Digital Award (also in its second edition), testifying through their projects how the effectiveness of new digital tools (in particular BIM) has redefined the equilibrium of the market and created new business models.

BIMon and the Digital & BIM

We at BIMon too, as digital professionals, will participate in Digital&BIM to testify to the importance of BIM as a tool for planning and optimizing projects.

Intervening in some of the thematic arenas, foreseen in pavilions 31, 32 and 33 of the SAIE, we will make our contribution talking about BIM for the construction site, with a specific case study to illustrate the 4D and 5D aspects connected to the realization of major works; we will then deal with parametric design for hospital management, highlighting the advantages of Dynamo, for model creation and data management; finally we will show a typical Scan-to-BIM workflow and the use of the computational design for the verification and optimization of the results.

It should be everything. What else to say? Welcome to the Digital&BIM 2018 and get ready for the many opportunities you can offer!

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