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BIM conference Penn State University

Riccardo Pagani

We were invited to participate as speakers at the prestigious BIM conference “National conference on the beginning design student” organized by Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA. Our talk focused on the best BIM teaching strategies and how this new methodology has revolutionized the traditional approach to design.


We developed a workflow that demonstrates how to implement the Building Information Modeling at different stages of a design process. It’s essential to have an internal document to the team that establishes the procedures for generating and sharing data/information to be able to successfully apply BIM on a project and get a real high quality work. Going forward the discussion on the BIM conference focused on our BIM teaching method, considered very important and effective by the Penn State University. In particular, we explained how to organize the teamwork and the importance of applying the teachings directly to a real case study, to avoid providing students only with conceptual information far from reality.


The second part of our talk during the BIM conference focused on the issue of sustainability and how the new tools of building energy control can support the architectural design. As a practical example we showed the sustainable design competition “Sluderno nursery school” in collaboration with Autodesk (Autodesk Sustainability Workshop). The project was developed with the support of energy analysis and simulations to define the geometry in order to optimize performance and get a NetZero Building. The project was published by Autodesk as a “case study” for sustainable design.


Penn State University




Revit Architecture, Ecotect, Vasari


Pennsylvania, USA

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