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BIM residential complex

Riccardo Pagani

For a residential complex in Rome it was decided to implement Building Information Modeling with the goal to have better design control and be able to keep the costs of implementation down. The project consists of three different residential buildings in reinforced concrete, 4,000 square meters of housing for 48 apartments, connected each other by walkways and sharing spaces.


Architectural, structural and plant modeling, carried out simultaneously from the early stages of the project, allowed us to optimize the workflow and reduce problems related to the multidisciplinary coordination. The ability to have schedules of quantities and costs available at any time allowed the project team to constantly have construction costs under control and to be able to immediately understand if design choices found to be positive or negative. From the preliminary phase to the executive one the elements just need to were updated in order to increase the level of detail of the model. In this way no information were lost during the transition from a the design phase to the other and the flow of work remained constant and consistent up to the construction site.

Code checking

It was possible to carried out from the model a project law code checking such as fire barriers and aeroilluminated surface, so we knew the presence of any design errors before the agencies control operations. In addition to traditional project standards we included custom verifications related to the specific client requirements so as to perform a project quality control.


Private client


Modeling, Clash detection, Code checking, Construction site simulations.


Revit, Robot, Ecotect, Naviswork, Solibri

Amount of works:

7.200.000,00 €


Rome, Italy

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