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BIM seminar Texas University

Riccardo Pagani

During a BIM seminar we perform lessons on the BIM methodology to students of the faculty of architecture at Texas A&M University at the Study Center of Santa Chiara in Castiglion Fiorentino (Florence). The students were participating in a six-month course in Italy under the guidance of the architecture professor dr. Mark J. Clayton.


Lessons of the BIM seminar were conducted focusing on concepts, strategies and methods of use of Building Information Modeling as a tool to design support and to verify the building performance. We provided ongoing support to the students for the creation of the BIM model, required to pass the final exam, through revisions and corrections of the several problems encountered. We were invited to participate as speakers at the final meetintg in order to give observations and critiques to the projects presented by the students.

BIM seminar

Following the request from the Texas A&M University, we organized a depth seminar on BIM in the Prof. Arch. Angelo Giuseppe Amodeo office in Tuscany. In the first part of the seminar we explained to students the potential of BIM in multidisciplinary design to coordinate different models with each other and properly handle the information exchange.
In the second part special attention was paid to the issue of sustainability and how the analysis and energy simulation new tools can support the architectural design. As an application of energy analysis and simulations we showed the international competition “Transformation 2030” in collaboration with Autodesk.


Texas A&M University




Revit, Vasari, Ecotect


Texas, USA

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