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BPA Certificate Program

Riccardo Pagani

We collaborated with Autodesk to define the contents of the building performance analysis certificate program and the creation of a community – Autodesk Sustainability Workshop – focuses on the building analysis and energy performance. Today the community has grown and includes professionals, students and teachers from the world of BIM and sustainable design.


As leading experts in BIM workflow and energy analysis, we worked to the website content by coordinating the exchange of information between the different disciplines and analysis. Our main activity was to optimize the workflow between different software and to implement and verify the accuracy of energy analysis. This activity led to the creation of much of the content of the website that today are the basis of Autodesk training regarding sustainable design.

Analysis and simulations

Working closely with the developers of the product, bimon performed numerous energy analysis on different kinds of building, detecting problems and critical issues. This process led to the creation of video and documentary material now downloaded and viewed by thousands of users interested in BIM and sustainable design.




Training, Analysis and simulations.


Vasari, Ecotect analysis, Revit Architecture, 3ds Max


San Francisco, California (USA)

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