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Concours BIM 2016

Riccardo Pagani

BIMON won the second prize in the international BIM competition “Concours BIM 2016”, creating an original BIM model of a business incubator. The project’s site is situated at the town of Bobigny on the east bank of the Ourcq canal, Paris. The Jury evaluated creativity as well as proposition’s innovation. Additionally, the quality of the BIM method was evaluated.

BIM Method

For the BIM competition design project, we started creating a mass defines the ideal volume and then we analyzed it, using BIM and energy analysis to allow the concrete sustainability of the project since the early stage of design. We cut and rotated the building to meet the needs of functional properties and placement on site, while we lowered and opened it to ensure access to natural ventilation and solar radiation. We developed several project variations (7-8 versions) and we kept analyze up to choose the best one under the energy, sustainable and functional aspect. After selecting the best proposal, we moved from masses to the model elements and developed the project until LOD 200, continuing to analyze the model in order to always have under control surfaces and energy performance of the building.


The BIM competition design is based on the concept of rotation about the axis generated by site guidelines. At the lower floor, two big entrance spaces allows access to office lobby, gym and restaurant, while at the three corners of the project we positioned the vertical connections that lead to the various floors of the building, with a system of stairs and double heights that move and overlap each other in space. At the upper levels, we design Start-up and business offices, with meeting rooms and common spaces, while on the top floor we provided a workable green roof.

The masterplan layout is based on courts and green spaces alternation, creating a public spaces system that become increasingly green as move away from the offices building. At lower levels, in close contact with the public, we provided commercial areas, while on the upper levels we placed residences with views over the green areas and the river. We redesigned the waterfront along the entire site, providing a cycle path in the countryside, and areas equipped with seats with river view and a new square adjacent the office building.


We designed a new conception of office building, entering different functions within a single volume and linking them through annular connections. For the main aspect of the BIM competition, technological innovation, we used the “smart” panels that move and rotate as a function of incident solar radiation on the facade, providing the right amount of light and heat inside each room. We chose sustainable packet walls, furniture items and finishes taken from real products, in order to ensure the correspondence between the project and the possible future construction.


Polantis SAS


Design, Modeling, Analysis and simulations


Revit Architecture, Revit Structure


Bobigny, France

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