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Renzo Piano’s BIM skyscraper

Riccardo Pagani

April 10 was inaugurated the Renzo Piano’s skyscraper for Intesa Sanpaolo in Turin has been completed, made with the aid of Building Information Modeling. To integrate and support the tower construction, a complete and detailed three-dimensional model of the structure has been developed by Harpaceas with Tekla Structures.

The double skin façade changes with the changing weather conditions, it is also equipped with photovoltaic panels capable of producing about 120,000 kW/h per year. Thanks to these features, the skyscraper reached class A energy certification and is about to get even the Leed Gold certification.

skyscraper photovoltaic cells

Thanks to an application developed as a Tekla Structures add-in, thousands of documents have been linked to the structural components simplifying document management and materials certificates control used in construction.

Skyscraper BIM model

The individual parts only for the steel elements are over 121.000, which must be added, for example, 77.000 bolts, and thousands of welds. Including the reinforced concrete components, the model is made of over 205.000 physical objects identifiable and computable individually.
For each of the 205.000 objects in the BIM model, were assigned parameters and technical attributes as:

  • belonging of area or field
  • constituent metal profile
  • surface area
  • brand identification
  • manufacturer’s name
  • steel supplier
  • serial number
  • acceptance testing on site

Steel plates detail

The skyscraper BIM model designed by Renzo Piano is without doubt considered among the greater size and complexity models made in Italy in recent years.

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