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The BIM process introduces good design practices for the construction of better, cheaper and quicker buildings

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Worksharing and information uniqueness – Why is it important to work in a shared environment?

Valerio Vescovi
News, Revit, Workflow, Worksharing

More and more often today we hear about worksharing and a shared working environment, especially when referring to particularly complex works that require integrated planning and a high level of detail. But the question that arises, now more often, when it comes to the BIM environment is: what does it mean in practice worksharing?

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BIM steel modeling, large span structures

Gabriele Lantini
Revit, Workflow

A major problem related to Revit Structure in the last years is the BIM steel modeling of structural elements to a level of development “LOD 400” (BIM Forum – LOD).

The work was related to the management of the BIM steel modeling for the structures for a new high-speed train station, based on structural drawings already designed and verified by the structural engineering company.

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Tutorial Revit: Structural columns and grids

Marcello Marcangeli

In order to obtain a high quality structural model is essential to have a good organization of work and proceeds by simple steps. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to correctly model Revit structural columns and grids.

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