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Many problems in BIM can be easily fixed thanks to specific tricks that are found through experience, reading blogs, watching tutorials and studying guides about Revit.

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BIM steel modeling, large span structures

Gabriele Lantini
Revit, Workflow

A major problem related to Revit Structure in the last years is the BIM steel modeling of structural elements to a level of development “LOD 400” (BIM Forum – LOD).

The work was related to the management of the BIM steel modeling for the structures for a new high-speed train station, based on structural drawings already designed and verified by the structural engineering company.

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Revit tips: View depth

Riccardo Pagani

Being able to properly display elements in the model allows to avoid unnecessary duplication and to have clear references for the design. We recently had a team working on a very complex project, characterized by a large number of levels. During the modeling process operators had the need to visualize 

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