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Tutorial Revit: Structural columns and grids

Marcello Marcangeli

In order to obtain a high quality structural model is essential to have a good organization of work and proceeds by simple steps. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to correctly model Revit structural columns and grids.

First step: create grids and structural columns

The first thing to do is draw the building structural grid so as to have during the design/modeling phase some fixed references for the structural elements positioning. Selecting the grids command, in the structure tab, you can enter the grids by drawing simple lines (straight or curved it makes no difference). The grids will be automatically progressive numbered and visible both in elevation that in sections views .

griglie strutturali

Subsequently we’ll place structural columns using the “At Grids” command, this will allow you to insert them automatically at grids intersections.

inserimento griglie

In this way it will save not only a large amount of time, but the work will be performed for higher quality, it will not be possible to make manual input errors and columns will be automatically associated to grids. If in future project revisions the position of one or more structural grids will be changed, the columns will be moved accordingly.

Second step: associate a label to each structural column

tag dei pilastri strutturali

Each column inserted in the model has, in the instance properties, a set of information including a single mark determined by the name of the grids that establish its position.

mark dei pilastri strutturali

Using the “Tag All” coomand, in the “annotations” tab, you can automatically assign a mark to all the structural columns. Labels created in this way are visible only in the view in which they were entered.

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