Digital Twin Prato Hospital

Prato - Italy


Impresa Pizzarotti S.p.A.




60.000 smq




The Prato hospital is part of the “Tuscan Hospitals” system built by Pizzarotti and under his management for the next 25 years. BIMON created the digital model of the hospital and all of its MEP systems, available data were analyzed and connections were made with the hospital’s management system. a Digital Twin was created to save energy consumption and maintenance operations.


Project Background

Data, software, algorithms; these are the ingredients of the PNH Digital Twing project that aims to improve the management of the Prato hospital by optimizing both energy consumption and maintenance activities.


The new hospital in Prato is one of 4 new large hospitals in Tuscany, built under the banner of efficiency, functionality, comfort and safety with the project financing formula.
It consists of two buildings: the hospital building and the service building. The area is located northwest of the city, in strong integration with the territory and the city.

It has 540 beds, 20 intensive short observation posts, 40 dialysis posts, 15 operating rooms, 6 labor rooms and 4 delivery rooms.

The project for this hospital will aim to improve management by optimizing consumption and maintenance activities through the Digital Twin and Smart Building concept.



Digital Twin

In order to achieve a successful dital twin, it was necessary to start with a digital representation of the building with all BIM content assets included. The digital model was then integrated with information produced from different sources (IoT, BMS) and piped into a digital Data Platform. 

Energy Savings

Through the data collected and analyzed with Artificial Intelligence algorithms, predictive maintenance of the building is possible and thus generate energy savings

Asset Digitalization

  • Easy management of a digital asset
  • Better coordination among the professionals involved in the project
  • Creation of accurate and detailed state-of-the-art models
  • Consequent improvement in planning of activities
  • Reduced risks and costs during project implementation 
  • Efficiency and accuracy in scanning 
  • Automation of recognition and classification activities 
  •  Facilitation of data transmission process in a controlled process  
  • Custom solutions for optimization of checks on informative content 
  • Ability to monitor information and modeling nonconformities 
  • Simplified and accessible data visualization
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