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Commissioned by the Turkish Ministry of Health, the initiative of 1 billion of euros, consists in the design, construction and supply of the Etlik Health Campus Hospital. This Project is considered to be among the largest hospitals in the World with its 3,624 beds (+100 bed clinic hotel), 1.4 million m² surface and 1.1 billion Euro investment value. The Project’s objective is to offer Turkey and its neighbours a non-stop, world-class quality healthcare service employing state-of-the-art technologies.


Project Background

BIMON was contracted to design the mechanical systems and provide design support for the hospital’s electrical systems and civil works. The BIM model was also used for site progress management and construction cost control.


The project includes the construction of a high-specialty hospital facility, which will make available 3,566 new beds and cover a total area of 1,071,000 square meters. 


With its 3,600 beds, 600,000 square meters of medical area, 120 operating theaters, an emergency department that will be able to serve 3,000 patients a day, outpatient clinics that will have the capacity to handle 30,000 patients each day, and underground parking lots with about 8,000 parking spaces, it turns out to be one of the largest hospital complexes in the world.


A hotel, conference center, various commercial areas and an 11,000-space parking lot are also planned, as well as the supply of electromedical equipment and furniture. The developer of the initiative is the Turkish Ministry of Health (MOH).



Executive Design

BIMON was responsible for the development of the executive design of the electrical, special, and mechanical systems


During the design, software was used to develop a BIM model based on criteria important to the development of the infrastructure design. This resulted in accurate 3D models enhanced by BIM datasets; 2D drawings derived from BIM; and renderings of the 3D and 2D models.

Interference Management

Integration of all models into one aggregate model for interference management.

Document Extrapolation

From the BIM model, all the technical drawings of the final design and, subsequently, the executive design necessary for the construction of the work were extrapolated.




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