Naples-Bari Railway Line

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The Naples-Bari high-speed rail line consists of two sections of 16 km each divided into a first section called Naples-Cancello and a second section called Cancello-Frasso Telesino. BIMON supported Pizzarotti from the initial procurement stages by creating the digital model of the entire line, including all bridges, viaducts, underpasses and tunnels. It then handled the study of design improvements and the development of the full detailed design of the tunnels.


Project Background

BIM was used for 4D and 5D simulations of the implementation phases, extraction of quantities for metric calculations, drafting of technical drawings and photorealistic images to study critical aspects of the final project.


The project constitutes an important part of the European TEN-T program for sustainable transport, which aims to transfer 50% of the currently road freight traffic to iron by 2050, triple the high-speed rail network and connect the main sea ports to the railways and reduce emissions from transport by 60%.


The Naples-Bari HS/HC line will allow trains to travel at 130 km/h through numerous internal territories to connect communities and economies at risk of depopulation, reducing travel times from Puglia to Campania, Lazio and the rest of the center northern Italy and vice versa.


The expected benefits fro the areas crosse dby the project are significant: demographic growth of around 90 thousand people, 1.6% GDP growth and 3.6% increase in residents’ income.


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Support in tender and executive design phase

BIMON was responsible for refining the technical bid, introducing BIM as a methodology for the design and implementation of the works. The decision to adopt BIM design and BIM management as early as the bidding stage made it possible to optimize the proposed improvement solutions and to verify the actual savings in terms of cost and construction time

4D and 5D simulation

BIM was used for 4D and 5D simulations of construction phases, extraction of quantities for estimated metric calculations, drafting of technical drawings and photorealistic images, and study of critical issues in the final design.


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