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Riyadh - Saudi Arabia


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The project involves the design and construction of a new military city consisting of 109 buildings including residences, mosques, barracks, etc. BIMON was contracted for the plant engineering construction design for all buildings and multidisciplinary project coordination in all phases of design. Hundreds of digital models were produced and used both in the design phase, for cost control of intervention, and in the construction phase, for construction monitoring.


Project Background

The King Faisal Air Academy is a military officer academy and flight school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia founded on 10 January 1968. BIMON handled the validation process for the more than 100 buildings that comprise this project. Verification activities also covered the MEP discipline for the execution, construction and as-built phases, while the required inspection activities covered BIM models and shop drawings.


Founded on 10 January 1968, by Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Defense and Aviation, King Faisal Air Academy was officially opened on 20 May 1970 under the auspices of King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz.

The college has an internal and external scholarship system to study other aviation sciences such as aviation engineering, accounting and law. The Academic Wing land use area in King Faisal Air Academy consists of those functions directly related to or directly supporting the academic and educational life of the cadet. These include functions that will be accessed by cadets as part of their classroom training curriculum.

The Academic Wing Area is located between the Administration Area and the Cadet Wing within the central core of the Academy, Allowing easy from administration and cadets.The entire Academic Wing area will be fenced with a secured fence, with access only allowed for authorized personnel through dedicated Academic Wing access gates.

The proposed facilities and infrastructure located within the Academic Wing Area or functionally assigned to the Academic Wing function include similarly with the Cadet Wing, ample land has been preserved on either side of the proposed Academic Wing Area for potential expansion of academic facilities.








Data Export

The outcomes of the verification activity have been included within a report, which updates with each verification cycle, always carrying with it a trace of previous verifications. Data reading is also always simple, quick and interactive through the use of filters for various parameters.

Data Visualization

BIMON provides each vendor with an interactive Dashboard, which offers dual support: thematic visualization of detected nonconformities, operational support in the resolution phase of nonconformities based on the prority of activities, and monitoring of model quality trends, as each dashboard also carries information related to the date of the audit.

Report With All Required Verifications

The output of the ocntrolling activity is accompanied by a verification and validation report, which outlines the activities carried out and their results, expressing an overall assessment regarding the requests in the Information Specifications.


The guidelines provided make it easier to read the results by expliliating wwhich reports are formulated, guidance for reading the dashboards, and judgment criteria for the outcome of the evaluations.

Bim Automation

  • Creation of ad-hoc and ready-to-use tools and technologies based on customer standards and needs
  • Speeding up operations related to large amounts of data and objects
  • Reduction of manual and repetitive actions for improved quality of work and User Experience
  • Reliable outputs due to a controlled process that ensures error reduction
  • Improved business quality related to digital transformation processes


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