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The MoMRA Office Building is projected following by one and the tradition of the architecture of the region of Riyadh and by other hand the technology and the newest way of projecting offices. The building contains all of the element to be a very modern office building with different type of offices (frontal office, open office etc.) and support zones (to pray, services etc.). BIMON was contracted for the final design of the electrical and mechanical systems using BIM methodology.


Project Background

MOMRA Saudi was established with the vision of bettering the living standards of the existing citizens and creating a sustainable living space for future generations.


The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) was incepted in 1975 to implement provisions for the infrastructural development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

An integral part of the government of Saudi Arabia, MOMRA is responsible for the construction of roads and providing essential equipment, rural development, beautification of cities, as well as ensuring that health and cleanliness standards are maintained across the region.

The ultimate aim of MOMRA is to attain urban sustainability and offer top-class municipality services across all of the regions in KSA.  

Under Saudi Vision 2030, the government of Saudi Arabia decided to invest $500 billion in enhancing the infrastructure of up to 285 municipalities across the KSA region. The main objective behind this move was to create a living environment for Saudi citizens that is at par with global standards. MOMRA has played a vital role in helping Saudi cities become smart cities, making sure that high-quality services are offered to the citizens.



Executive Design

BIMON was responsible for the development of the executive design of the electrical, special, and mechanical systems


During the design, software was used to develop a BIM model based on criteria important to the development of the infrastructure design. This resulted in accurate 3D models enhanced by BIM datasets; 2D drawings derived from BIM; and renderings of the 3D and 2D models.

Interference Management

Integration of all models into one aggregate model for interference management.

Document Extrapolation

From the BIM model, all the technical drawings of the final design and, subsequently, the executive design necessary for the construction of the work were extrapolated.




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